2019 Regional Conference on Interpreting and Translation

October 5, 2019 The Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Novi


2019 Regional Conference on Interpreting and Translation

Keynote Address


Who Are the Best of the Best? Definitions of Quality in Translating and Interpreting

Keynote Speaker: Holly Mikkelson


This presentation will introduce definitions of quality that have been proposed by various scholars in translation and interpreting studies, followed by the speaker’s own ideas about what constitutes a quality translation or interpretation based on over 40 years of experience in the field. It will conclude with some recommendations for improving quality in our sister professions.



Translation Track



Interpreting Track


The Challenges of Court Interpreting

Holly Mikkelson


In this 50-minute session, we will review the challenges posed by the working conditions, the physical environment, and the inherent difficulties of interlingual and intercultural message transfer in various judiciary and quasi-judiciary settings.


We will discuss approaches to handling those challenges and will exchange ideas about successful and not-so-successful experiences in addressing them.



Business Track


The Business Aspects: Before & After the Job

Izumi Suzuki


In order to be a professional translator, of course you need to have good transfer skills. However, even if you are very good at translation itself, that would not be enough to do business as a translator. You need to know what should be done before you accept a job and after you finish a job.


In this session, we will talk about what kind of documents you should have (such as a fee schedule), before you accept a job; what should be included in these documents, and what should be done when you finish a job.